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NoDa neighborhood assosicaiton?

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How do I use the NoDa drop off Service?


Thank you for finding us at Free Range Brewing!
We are lucky to partner with one of the businesses that composts their food waste with us to host a community drop off available to any customer at their convenience. Please take the time to thank them by purchasing a beverage while you stop by!

Now that you are ready to use our service…

FRB fence.jpg

Go to the corner of the parking lot, behind the wooden fence


Take one bucket from our rack of ready buckets home with you!

Tip: if the buckets are upside down they are ready for you! If they are right side up, they are not clean yet.


Once you’ve filled up your bucket, bring it back to the rack

We recommend doing this on a weekly basis so we can keep your bucket clean, fresh, and problem free!


First take a clean, upside down bucket from the rack


In the SAME SPOT you just took a bucket from, place your full bucket RIGHT SIDE UP


When you fill your bucket up again bring it back and we will empty and clean it for you!

Lather, rinse, repeat!

Are there any other benefits?

Other than the many benefits of keeping your food waste out of the landfill and turning it into healthy living soil, yes we treat you to discounted soil back!

We sell 40lb bags of garden ready compost soil mix at $8 per bag for our members, or $12 per bag to anybody! We also sell bulk orders by the yard, email Howdy@crowntowncompost.com for a quote.

What else does Crown Town Compost do?

We provide educational activities at events! Email for schedule availability!

We partner with select CMS elementary schools for education and composting information to keep the future green and sustainable.

We have residential pick-up customers that subscribe to our bi-annual soil deliveries; sometimes they do not require soil when we are ready to deliver so they donate them instead. As of 2019 we decided to match these donations and give compost soil to 2 separate locations; community gardens, elementary schools, humanitarian projects, and other organizations we see fit! Recommend a location you think needs soil in the fall or spring, and we will review them for consideration!

SOON we are creating a phone App that can tell you where our commercial partners are located. These are businesses you should care about because they also compost their food waste with us! On our application they will showcase rewards and benefits available to our residential members to save money on their services!