That bucket is nearly yours.
First, explore our service options.

We will come to you

Homes and Offices

We come through your neighborhood once per week, collecting compost from subscribers' buckets. You must be in our service area in order for us to pick up your compost each week.

Local business owners

Restaurants, breweries, offices...we can handle it all.

Request our services in your business. We'll reach out to schedule a site visit and develop a customized quote to fit your unique needs. 

Apartments and High-Rises

If you have an external door we can access easily, sign up as a home, above. If not, request our services in your building. Once we hear from enough tenants in your building, we can speak to your apartment's owners.

You can come to us

Community Compost Days

  • Canine Cafe / Hex Coffee (125 Remount Rd)

    • Saturday 9-11am

  • South End Drop Off (info will be emailed)

    • Flexible Hours

  • Free Range Brewing (2320 N. Davidson)

    • Flexible Hours

Sign up ahead of time for $15 per month.

You will get a Crown Town Compost bucket to store your household food waste. Drop it off each week to have it emptied and cleaned.