It started with an idea and a bike.

Crown Town Compost's mission is to empower anyone to improve the beauty and health of their home, their community, and the planet.

Founded in 2014, Crown Town Compost was born when Kris, David, and Marcus met at a social entrepreneurship workshop and discovered they shared a common passion for environmental conservation. They collaborated to create a business plan for their idea, which focused on collecting food waste from local businesses and homes and transforming it into nutrient-rich compost for gardens and farms.

In those early days, the team (mostly David) rode around Charlotte on bike and in a vintage truck to pick up Charlotte's food scraps. Crown Town Compost has grown a lot over the last 10 years–now serving hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and we're eager to continue serving the Queen City.

Why compost?

Composting your food scraps makes an important impact.

  • Reduces emissions from landfills
  • Promotes carbon sequestration
  • Rebuilds healthy soils
  • Supports healthy food systems
  • Promotes the circular economy

Continue building your sustainable home with Crown Town Landscapes.

Our sister company, Crown Town Landscapes, specializes in edible gardens, raised-bed design and installation, lawn replacement, soil restoration, beneficial and drought-resistant plantings, and much more!

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