It started with an idea and a bike.

In 2014, a serendipitous meeting at a social entrepreneurship workshop brought Kris, David, and Marcus together. Bonded by a shared dedication to environmental conservation, they crafted a vision: Crown Town Compost. A service designed not just as a business, but as a tool to empower individuals to enrich their homes, their communities, and the world we all share.

Crown Town Compost's unique approach involves transforming the food waste from local businesses and homes into nutrient-rich compost, ready to revive gardens and farms throughout the region. In our early years, our dedicated team could be seen traversing the streets of Charlotte, collecting food scraps by bike and in a charming vintage truck.

Today, Crown Town Compost has substantially expanded. Over the past decade, we've grown from a humble start-up to a trusted service provider, now serving hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg. While we're proud of how far we've come, our excitement for the future is undiminished.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship remains at the heart of everything we do. As we look forward, we are eager to welcome more members into the Crown Town Compost family. By signing up for our service, not only will you be contributing to the health and beauty of your home and community, but you will also be playing a crucial role in making our planet more sustainable.

So, why wait? Sign up for Crown Town Compost today and become part of the solution for a greener, healthier planet. Together, we can continue to make a difference, one compost bin at a time.

A man emptying their compost bin into one of Crown Town Compost's bins.A person lining a compost bin with a paper bag.A green vintage truck with the Crown Town Compost logo on it.

Why compost?

Composting your food scraps makes an important impact.

  • Reduces emissions from landfills
  • Promotes carbon sequestration
  • Rebuilds healthy soils
  • Supports healthy food systems
  • Promotes the circular economy

Continue building your sustainable home with Crown Town Landscapes.

Our sister company, Crown Town Landscapes, specializes in edible gardens, raised-bed design and installation, lawn replacement, soil restoration, beneficial and drought-resistant plantings, and much more!

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