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We make it simple, easy, & clean to compost at home.

We service houses and apartments throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Every member receives a bin for their food scraps, and we take care of the rest! Our 3.5 gallon bins are the perfect size to keep in the kitchen, and our 24 gallon carts work just like your familiar recycling and landfill carts.

Bi-Weekly Pick Up

Best for households of 3 or more
One 24 gal. cart + One 3.5 gal bin
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  • Curbside pick up from your home every other week.
    You'll get a 24 gal. curbside cart + 3.5 gal. bin for collecting food scraps inside your home.
    Your cart will be freshly lined during each service.
  • You can compost all food scraps, including meat & dairy.
  • You get finished bags of compost all year long!
  • Track your impact via your customer portal.
  • Available throughout Mecklenburg County.

Drop Off

One 3.5 gal. bin
Best for households of 1-2
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  • You can drop off your full bin and pick up a clean one at any of our 4 drop stations in Charlotte on your schedule.
  • You can compost all food scraps, including meat & dairy.

We love celebrating zero waste and dirt!

Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, we celebrate our members and the zero waste movement with a soil party. We enjoy the changing seasons, some good food, and hand out beautiful nutrient-rich compost to our amazing members. We can't wait to see you there!

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Here's how we make composting easy and clean.

We take the guess work and the mess out of composting.

You place your food scraps into a bin we provide for your home or business.
We regularly empty your full bin, making sure its clean and properly lined.
We compost your food scraps and share the nutrient-rich soil with you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put in my bin?


"Food and fiber" is an easy way to remember. If it was edible, it goes in. Napkins, flowers, egg shells, and coffee grinds are all welcome, as well. Please no charcoal, animal/human feces or urine, or excessive amounts of liquids. Visit this page for a comprehensive list of what can and cannot go in your bucket.

Where are your drop-off stations?


We have drop-off stations conveniently located throughout Charlotte:

• Free Range Brewing, Noda at 2320 N Davidson St. located on the back patio.
• The Innovation Barn at 932 Seigle Ave. located on the front of the building
• Lenny Boy Brewing at 3000 S Tryon St. *Open during business hours only.
• Wooden Robot Brewery at 1440 S Tryon St UNIT 110 located in the parking lot across the street from the Wooden Robot.

Can I use a different bin?


Yes, absolutely, as long as you empty your materials into our bin when you put it out for collection.

What do I do with my bin on pick-up day?


Place it outside your door or at the end of your driveway the night before your pick-up day. We will empty it between 6 AM and 7 PM on your scheduled day.

Will my bin smell?


Our bins are airtight, so as long as you keep the lid on, you shouldn't experience any smells. And each week, your bin will be freshly lined.

Start diverting your amazing food scraps from the landfill today.

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